SharePoint 2013 - Bill Tracker App

Bill Tracker app for SharePoint 2013

This is very simple app to allows you to manage all your bills in SharePoint. This is very easy to use app.

I wrote this app to understand the how SharePoint app works, what are the criteria to publish etc. I am planning to publish the source code for this app aswell.

To use this app you need to follow given instructions:

App Initialization

When you add Bill Tracker app from SharePoint store and launch it, you will see below screen

The app initializes itself for use. The first time it will take couple of seconds but other time it will take you to main page from this page with fraction of seconds.  After this screen, you will see below main screen



How to create new bill

You can add bill by clicking on New bill metro icon as shown below and provide details:



How to Edit/Delete bill

Each record shows an option for editing and deleting. When you click Edit link associated with the bill you desire to edit, it opens a form with all your bill details as shown below:







How to perform Search

At the top there is an option for search, when you will click, it takes you to search page. You can search your bills by title ONLY. App searches your given criteria in all your bills and checks whether your bill's title contains any word given by you and it bring back to you.

If you are managing your bill with proper title, then it will easy for you to calculate your expenses based on title. For instance I can use "phone bill", "phone calling card" and "phone prepaid recharge" as title can easily calculate my total expense on phone.




If you have any issues, you can email me at or
Happy using my app.


  1. It was really Nice, I am wondering about delete bill and edit bill is there permission in the app to prevent from deleting or editing

  2. Hi Ahmad,

    Thanks for using my Bill Tracker. Currently it does not support prevention of deleting and editing bills but it can be added and can be managed by administrators.

  3. Pretty cool... needs something for recurring bills.

  4. I wrote another blog about How I wrote my Bill Tracker App at

    Please have a look if you are a developer :)

    Muhammad Masood,